Do you want to fundraise through food but don't know how? Are you looking for an amazing, unique team building experience? Do you want to make your own meal for your event? Are you planning an event and are looking for another cool way to feed your guests? Look no further! The Global Community Kitchen can help you make the food YOU want to serve and enjoy at your next event and offer a one-of-a-kind team building experience in the process.

The Global Community Kitchen at Oregon State University is a program that allows students to self-produce food at their events. The GCK enhances campus programming by partnering with students to utilize food for cultural sharing, learning and community building.

The program provides advising, resources and support in the planning, development and serving of food as the focus or a component of programming. Annually thousands of meals are served, hundreds of students and community members volunteer and hundreds of individuals gain new insight on food use and production.

The Global Community Kitchen is not only a cost-effective way to provide authentic, homemade meals for your event, but working in the kitchen with your team is an excellent way to build relationships, trust, and teamwork together.