To start planning your event with the Global Community Kitchen, please follow the timelines below for submitting requests. While we will try our best to accommodate late requests, we may not be able to support your event if your request is submitted later than the deadlines outlined below.

Minimum Request Timelines:

  • 400 - 1200 guests: Submit request 12 school weeks in advance
  • 101 - 399 guests: Submit request 8 school weeks in advance
  • 100 or fewer guests: Submit 4 school weeks in advance
  • Other requests*: Submit 2 school weeks in advance

Please note that school weeks refer to weeks when classes are in session. Any vacation weeks, such as weeks over winter break or spring break, do not count towards the weeks in advance required.

*Other requests might include small a team builder activity, recording a cooking show, or another activity outside of preparing a meal for an event.