• 2021-22 Rental costs is $26 per hour, plus the cost of labor ($16-$70 per staff person, per hour) 
    • Discounts:
      • Student Experiences & Engagement – 100% discount on kitchen rental, 75% discount on labor
      • Recognized Student Organization (RSO) – 25% discount on kitchen rental, 10% discount on labor
      • Student Fee Funded Auxiliaries/activities – 50% discount on kitchen rental, $25% discount on Labor
  • For events outside of the MU, plan for a Temporary Restaurant License fee of $41. 
  • You will also need to include the costs of the raw food and specialty eating-ware, where applicable. Keep in mind that, if you are serving meat, prices change frequently.
  • If you are looking to rent individual food service equipment items, the GCK does have some equipment available. 

OSU Fee Book

Food Service Equipment Rental