Process for Utilizing the Kitchen

Follow the process outlined below to plan your event with the Global Community Kitchen. Some general notes to keep in mind are as follows.

  • Timeline: No requests may be made fewer than 2 weeks in advance of the event. Depending on the scope of food service at your event, you may need to adhere to earlier deadlines, so be sure to plan early!
  • Advising: The Global Community Kitchen will review your request and let you know when it has been confirmed. It is your responsibility to schedule a meeting with the GCK Coordinator at that time by emailing [email protected].  
    • For larger events (more than 400), schedule your meeting at least 12 school weeks in advance. 
    • For smaller events (400 or fewer meals), schedule your meeting at least 8 school weeks in advance.
  • Menus & Recipes: Email a draft of your menu and recipes in advance of your advising meeting. Visit our Event Planning pages for tips and advice for creating menus and recipes.

Please note, events that are requested with 2 weeks or less before occuring will not be accepted. You may check availability of your date by emailing [email protected].

Schedule a meeting with David Ryusaki by emailing [email protected] to go over the menu for your event as early as possible.

  • The Global Community Kitchen ensures food safety and sanitation throughout the process- some food items and recipes may not work as well due to our processes.
  • For cultural events, schedule a recipe test at least 6 weeks before the event.
    • The recipe test is for the group to gain familiarity with the kitchen, standardize recipes using actual event utensils and to support in the final quantification of ingredients for the event.

Compile a list of volunteers for each hour the Global Community Kitchen will be reserved.

Ensure there are volunteers for food prep, food production, food service and cleanup.

  • Always aim for more volunteers than needed, at all times.
    1. It is likely that not all volunteers will attend at the time they were scheduled for.
    2. For example, if your organization needs 10 volunteers at 2-3pm, ask 20 people to volunteer for that time slot.
  • Ensure volunteers are aware of the role they will have at their assigned time slots.

Have at least one assigned lead for kitchen production and food service.

  • This person will be the contact for the Global Community Kitchen staff throughout the event day.
  • This person will also let the Global Community Kitchen staff know the finalized serving time during the event.